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Ground source heat pumps.

Heat your home with a ground source heat pump.

Ground source heat pumps can work with a combination of radiators and underfloor heating and can provide 100% of the heating and hot water requirements for your home.

How ground source heat pumps work.

Sealed pipes are placed horizontally or vertically in the ground. A glycol solution is pumped through the pipes, absorbing heat as it moves. This heat is then extracted by the pump, heated even more through compression, and then delivered to your property.

Advantages of ground source heat pumps.

  • Government incentives – one-off BUS payment of up to £7,500.
  • Efficient – heat your home and hot water efficiently.
  • Green – no need for gas or other fossil fuels.
  • Low maintenance – a lifespan of well over 20 years with annual maintenance.
  • Control – perfect heat source for underfloor heating that gives you efficient control over the temperature of your home.
  • Compliance – meet building regulations and improve your SAP calculations.

Why South West Heat Pumps?

We only use quality ground source heat pumps from leading European manufacturers, as a result our heating systems typically last for a minimum of 20 years with annual maintenance.


Frequently asked questions.

How often do I need to service my ground source heat pump?

Once a year by a professional installer. Open loop solutions should require no more maintenance than closed loop systems if they are designed and installed incorrectly.

Do ground source heat pumps come with a warranty?

Yes, all ground source heat pumps we install come a minimum two-year parts and labour warranty. Contact us for more information.

Do you offer service contracts?

Yes, we offer service contracts get in touch.

Will I need to replace my radiators?

Not necessarily. Ground source heat pumps may work with your current radiators, depending on their size. We will measure your radiators during your free on-site survey.

Do I need a new electric supply to power the heat pump?

No, we can utilise your existing 240v supply.

How deep do the pipes need to be dug in?

That depends on the conditions at the installation site. We can determine the exact groundworks required by undertaking a ground survey.

Homeowners & Self Builders

If you are planning to replace your heating system or build a new property then we can help you with planning, supplying, and installing a renewable energy system. Click here to learn more.



If you are an architect, builder, property developer then we can help you find a renewable energy system that fits your project goals and budget. Click here to learn more.

Get an instant estimate today.

If you would like to know how ground source heat pumps work, decide if they are a good fit for your project, or arrange an on-site survey then you are in the right place.  You will need an up to date Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for an estimate to be produced as we need to understand the annual kW used for your heating and hot water. If you do not have an EPC, then we can recommend a professional please email