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Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR).

Breathe fresh air and reduce energy bills with MVHR.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) is a whole house ventilation system that removes stale air from your property and replaces it with clean air. It reduces condensation and keeps your property smelling fresh. You won't need to open windows, so MVHR also prevents heat loss and reduces the cost of heating. South West Heat Pumps help homeowners, self-builders and industry professionals source and install Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems and other renewable technologies.

How does MVHR work?

Modern buildings are well insulated to prevent heat loss. This also restricts natural ventilation and leads to condensation, damp and unhealthy air. You can open windows, but this leads to heat loss. You can use a vent or extractor fan, but they are largely ineffective and can also lead to heat loss. MVHR solves this problem by extracting stale air from rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. A heat exchanger filters the stale air, recovers the heat, and pumps fresh air back into your property. The result? Low condensation. Healthy air. And a fresh-smelling home.

Advantages of MVHR.

  • Reduce condensation – stale air to healthy air, automatically.
  • Remove odours – no more nasty odours – just a constantly clean, fresh smell.
  • Warmer home – no need for trickle vents, extractors and open windows.
  • Low maintenance – just clean the filters every few months.