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Underfloor heating.

Say goodbye to radiators with underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating is an energy-efficient renewable technology that heats your home without the need for radiators. It's also easy to operate (just let it run in the background) and gives you a lot of control over the temperature of each room.

Types of underfloor heating.

Underfloor heating can be used in virtually any type of project – new-builds, refurbishments, retrofits and renovations. It can be fitted in a single room or your entire property. Underfloor heating can also be used with various floor surfaces – including concrete, screed, timber, laminate, vinyl, stone and carpet. Take a look at the WarmUp product selector for more information.

Advantages of underfloor heating.

  • Efficient – spreads heat evenly using low-temperature radiant heat.
  • Always warm – no cold spots as you move further away from the radiators.
  • Flexible – can be connected to any heat source now and in the future.
  • Control – create zones which mean you can control individual rooms and areas.
  • Cheaper – low-temperature radiant heat and efficient distribution mean it’s cheap to run.
  • Space-saving – no bulky radiators to take up valuable wall and floor space.
  • Healthy – low humidity and dust circulation – good for allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • Safer – no low-level hot surfaces or hard metal edges like a radiator system.

Why South West Heat Pumps?

We’ve partnered with WarmUp – the market-leading underfloor heating provider – to offer homeowners, self-builders and industry professionals the very best underfloor heating systems. For example, WarmUp systems come with the 4iE wi-fi control which learns how you use your heating system and automatically suggests ways for you to save energy.

Frequently asked questions.

Will it only work in a new build?

No, we have a system for retrofitting underfloor heating in all building types.

Do I need to dig up all my floors?

No, we have low-profile systems that can be tiled as low as 16mm.

Will I ever get a leak in my pipes?

All pipes are continuous under the floor and come with a lifetime warranty.

Can I have carpets?

Yes, carpets can be laid over underfloor heating, but the tog should be no higher than 1.5 and you may need to run the heat at a higher temperature.